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Park Lingua is an English-speaking family business, founded in 2009 by Pınar Feltham and Greg Feltham. The biggest motivation for the establishment of the company is the realization that the foreign language education formation practiced in our country was abandoned in the 1950s in many countries with good education systems such as England and Finland. For this reason, our mission is to provide students of all ages and sections with excellent foreign language education in an interactive environment, in a stress-free environment, with the Cambridge CELTA formation criteria valid all over the world, by gaining all four skills in an interactive environment.

What's Our Difference?

The biggest difference of our institution is that it consists of founding teachers who have been deemed competent in the field of education by Cambridge University. Founders who have received CELTA training attend the classes themselves. Thus, it not only takes care of each student in its institutions, but also regularly checks the compliance of the quality of the education provided with CELTA. If students wish, they can continue their education in England during the summer months.


How Are Our Lessons Delivered?

Park Lingua's Cambridge CELTA education and criteria achieve international quality and distinguish it from other institutions. One of the biggest differences of the institution is that it teaches two languages (English and Spanish) at the same time with the cross-translation method during their education. This training process is taught not predominantly speaking, but by giving four skills at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, speech-based courses only allow some staff working in the service sector to be limited to the general and superficial language used. In our corporate courses, listening, reading, writing and speaking skills are taught simultaneously using English. This allows our students to talk about what they have learned throughout the year, not at the end of the year.


Our carefully created classes consist of the same age groups as each other in order to be suitable for their interests and motor development. Neither the old nor the new students who will join us are placed in these classes with the 'level determination exam' method. In addition to the fact that these placement tests are misleading, as we stated in our mission, with our student psychology priority, our teachers evaluate the student's four skills one-to-one in a classroom. Thus, while having fun in the age group, the student reveals all his skills away from stress. We prepare our students for the exams they may take in the future, with the four skills that we give in accordance with the Cambridge CELTA criteria, especially in the classes we create for our younger students. Thus, your child will not need to take lessons for the exam in the future.

 As Park Lingua, one of our greatest prides is that, thanks to the educational methods it follows, neither child nor adult student has repeated a level since the first day it was opened. Our teachers notice the student's shortcomings in the lesson and intervene at that moment, without waiting for some exams that can be called the end of the semester or the end of the year.


Our References

Since the day it was opened, many students of all ages and backgrounds have not only learned the language but also shaped their lives with the foreign language education they have received at our institution. 


Our young students, who are still studying, are far ahead of their peers at school thanks to the foreign language education they have received, and they also understand the visual and written sources that their peers abroad can access. 


Our students, who started our lessons at a young age, became able to write and speak English at the level of their mother tongue during university years. Our students, who chose other branches such as physics, engineering, law or psychology in addition to the language departments of the universities, not only survived the preparatory period, but also were able to gain international connections and separate from their peers thanks to their foreign language.


Our adult students, whose lives we entered later, showed progress in their careers by meeting the foreign language requirements.

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