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Online Education

The only difference between online education and the traditional education system is that knowledge and skills are acquired through electronic means such as computers, tablets or phones using the Internet. 


However, there is a prejudice against these courses due to both the application preferences such as Zoom that prevent the student from teaching interactive lessons and the inadequacy of the formation education given in our country, especially in online education. For this reason, many people are deprived of the pleasure and benefits of online education.


So why online education might be a better option for you?

Why Online Education?

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At Park Lingua, our foreign language education and exam studies are divided into two groups as one-to-one and group lessons for children, young people and adults. Lessons are held through the Microsoft Teams application, which is used by universities and large companies. There are many elements that make this education more beneficial than the traditional education system;


One of the best aspects of online education is that distance does not prevent you from getting the education you want. Living in a different city, business travel, vacation plans or changing residence for an unexpected reason will not cause any disruption in your education.




One of the things we hear most from our students, who have switched from the traditional education system to online education, is that distance education is a more sustainable system in addition to the work and school loads in their lives.


While our working students adapt to the course hours more easily in addition to uncertainties such as meetings and late check-out times in their business lives, our school-age students feel more productive in a comfortable environment in their rooms after relieving their tiredness at home due to after-school or other course rush.



It is easier for students and parents to follow lessons in online education. In the Microsoft Teams application we use, the student;

  • can enroll course

  • can follow their homework and projects from within the system 

  • You can see course hours and homework delivery dates from the calendar.

  • Can teach lessons with other interactive applications

  • You can have discussions in your online class with your own friends and

  • Thanks to the application, he can reach his classmates and teacher 24/7.



In online education, students do not have to wait for the next lesson to submit their homework or project. As soon as he submits his homework, the teacher of the course receives a notification. In the same way, the checked homework is sent back to the student after being corrected and interpreted, and the student can take a look at his mistakes without waiting for the lesson time. During all this time, the student can answer the questions that come to his mind by contacting his teacher whenever he wants.



Every data entered - class attendance, class duration, homework, grades - is followed by the teacher. In this way, the teacher can compare the student's progress both with his class and with the whole school. This type of follow-up allows students to correct each other's mistakes or missing points by the teacher in the classroom without being aware of them. Thus, students can show their full potential in the classroom without being ashamed of each other 

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