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Translating is an interlingual transfer profession and has two types; Translating and Interpreting. A good translator should know both his mother tongue and the target foreign language at a very good level. In addition, the translation profession is an international and intercultural communication and understanding phenomenon. Therefore, translation is not only the transfer of one language to another in a concrete sense, but also the transfer of social and cultural characteristics of societies to each other. In this respect, it is among the important factors that the preferred translator knows not only the language level, but also the culture of the target foreign language.


You can take a look at our written and oral translation services below, examine the profiles of our translators and contact us for can reach.



  • Written Legal Translation

  • National and International Commercial Translation

  • Academic Translation

  • Scientific and Technical Translation

  • Medical Translation

  • Cross Language Interpreting

  • Translation Certified by the Translation Office

  • Notarized Written Translation

  • Editorial Translator

  • Book Translating and Literary Translating

  • Website Translator

  • Transcription Translator


  • Oral Legal Translation

  • Interpreting at Notaries

  • Consecutive/Consecutive Translation

  • Teleconference Interpreting

  • Liaison Translation

  • Simultaneous (Simultaneous/Concurrent) Interpreting

  • Whisper Interpreting

  • Bilateral Interpreting

  • Health Translator

  • Guide-Accompanying Interpreter

  • Translation in Natural Disasters

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